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Aug 29 ,2015 Writen By: iBeautyMachine.com Leading aesthetic device factory

Dermaroller Buying Guide part Three

Dermaroller Buying Guide, derma roller is a small tool which change your skin appearance dramatically if used properly.Buyers/consumers are advised to read this buying guide thoroughly before making any purchase decisions. 

Roller Wheel Structure

In total, the roller structure of the Derma Roller can be divided into four kinds

  1. Integrated roller wheel
  2. Half-integrated roller wheel
  3. Half-integrated disk wheel
  4. Disintegrated disk wheel

Integrated sealed wheel design dermaroller:200 pcs of the needle are inserted into the roller body one by one manually. Inside the roller, the needles are glued firmly to prevent from falling off.

best dermaroller, best derma roller, derma needle rollerMT dermaroller 200 needle, 1.5mm 


  • Highest assembling technique and skill required.
  • One complete roller without any interval/ joint space.
  • Strong and integrated roller body protecting needles from falling off or loosen.
  • Highest hygiene standard preventing any blood or drug leakage into the roller
  • Easy for sterilization and reuse.


  • High production cost
  • Limited needle number: maximum 200 needle

Half-integrated roller wheel design dermaroller: each row has 8 pcs of manually inserted needle. One roller is composed of 24 exquisite blocks with total 192 pcs of needles.

zgts dermaroller, zgts titanium dermaroller, derma roller titanium  ZGTS titanium dermaroller  192 needle, 1.5mm


  • Innovative design and Nearly spaceless assembling.
  • Smart design preventing needles from falling off or loosen.
  • Very High hygiene standard preventing blood or drug leakage into the roller or needle
  • Easy for sterilization and reuse.


  • High production cost
  • Limited needle number: maximum 192 needle.

Fake Half-integrated roller wheel design was found in the market.

Fake ZGTS dermaroller, fake titanium dermarollerThis fake ZGTS dermaroller design is very poor. It cannot guarantee good hygiene standard. The roller body has obvious interval spaces/gaps.

Half-integrated disk wheel design dermaroller: each plastic disk has 25 opening which accurately holds 25 needles. Disks glued together spacelessly contains total 200 needles

drs dermaroller, derma roller 1.5mm, Titanium microneedle roller DNS titanium dermaroller 200 needle, 1.0mm


  • Innovative and Nearly spaceless assembling.
  • Exquisite disk openings designed to preventing needles from falling off or loosen.
  • High hygiene standard preventing blood or drug leakage into the roller /needle
  • Diagonal array of needles
  • Considerably Low production cost
  • Easy for sterilization and reuse.


  • Limited needle number: maximum 200 needle.

Disintegrated disk wheel: Each metal disk contains 60 flat needles manufactured by automatic machinery cutting. 20 pcs of Metal disks putting together contains 1200pcs flat needle.

dermaroller stretch marks, body dermaroller, micro derma rollerDRS dermaroller 1200,  0.25mm


  • Lowest production cost
  • Up to 1200 pcs of needles for more efficient treatment.
  • Flat needle design for home micro needling purpose.
  • Strong metal disk preventing needles from falling off, bent or loose


  • Flat needle not recommended for needling length over 1mm
  • Not advised to reuse for users with sensitive skin or skin disease.

Remarks: cosmetic needling (0.1~0.3mm) doesn't cause bleeding.The Disintegrated disk wheel design is suitable for cosmetic needling. However, for clinical needling above 1.0mm, we advise choosing integrated or half-integrated design.

Roller handle:

Roller handle are usually made of high quality resin materials. Resin materials has characteristics of high heat resistance, high Corrosion Resistance and toughness. Some company use steel metal. Metal handle is usually heavier and cost more.
Another thing to check is if the handle offer anti-slippy design. This feature reduces the risk of needling accident and makes derma rolling safe and easy.

face roller, Skin needling home use, derma microneedle4 in 1 DRS Dermaroller kit

Additional Functions

Some Derma Rollers combines other technologies to enhance the treatment. Those technologies are usually Galvanic, vibration, and LED photon therapy.

Galvanic function

When skin is transmitted with ongoing positive (+) ions, negatively (-) charged cleansing gel would dissolve oil, dirt and impurities and would facilitate their transdermal export from skin. When skin is transmitted with ongoing negative (-) ions, application of ionized cosmetics product would facilitate transdermal of nutrients and active ingredients.

Galvanic Dermaroller, buy derma roller, micro needle derma roller  Galvanic photon dermaroller

Vibration massages

Mechanical vibrations acting on the skin will change to physical vibration, vibration massage can promote blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, promote skin metabolism and activation of cell movement.

Photon Therapy

Therapeutic LED lights at very specific wavelengths is developed exclusively for the purpose of resolving skin aging, dullness, dark spot, blemishes to acne problem.  Each wavelength penetrates at different depth with no skin damage.

photon dermaroller, derma roller shop, micro needle skin rollerphoton derma roller with vibration function

Other things you should know before purchase

Exchangeable roller head

Some derma rollers comes with Exchangeable roller head. This design greatly reduce the cost since you just need to purchase the roller head next time. It is also environmentally friendly.

Exchangeable dermaroller, derma roller diy, micro derma roller roller head exchangeable DRS 600 dermaroller 

Dermaroller protective covers:

The cover is convenient for storage and sterilization. Not all micro needle rollers come with protective covers.  A good cover protect the roller from accident damage and contamination, it is also a helpful tool for sterilizationderma roller titanium, dermaroller sizes, Titanium needle roller

Is 360 rotation roller head really effective?

360 rotation dermaroller, rotation dermaroller

There are some rollers advertised with rotation roller head.
We happen to test few of them. We found this design is not helpful for needling. When rolling, we want the roller head to be stable and steady. The movement of rotation head is unstable and difficult to control.

How to Clean the derma roller?

Dermarollers can be cleaned thoroughly after each use to prevent infection with isopropyl alcohol(min 70%). Please follow the cleaning step here: Dermaroller cleaning
Resterilization of the dermaroller in an autoclave or using ultrasound is not advised because needles would lose their sharpness.

Dermaroller VS Dermastamp

Dermastamp, micro needling stamp, needling roller, derma-stampDerma-stamp 

Dermaroller and derma-stamp are very similar product. Compared with dermaroller, dermastamp has the following pros and cons:


  • Different rolling movement, dermastamping is Up and down movement result in less invasive and less pain
  • Smaller puncture microchannel enable better result.
  • Smaller size suitable for small skin area

skin needling, micro skin needling, micro needling, micro dermal needling


  • Much less needle number ranges from 12 to 80 needles
  • Less efficiency for large areas: large area treatment takes longer time.
  • Need more strength for full depth penetration
  • Difficult to manipulate the stamping skill

It is advised to choose derma-stamp for small areas above the lips, between eyebrows and eyes, and localized scars eg.post herpetic scars, varicella scars, post traumatic scars.

How to select the right dermaroller for my condition?

  1. First , Select needle type according to the needling purpose(cosmetic needling, medical needling and surgical needling). Flat needle roller shall be better for cosmetic needling . Round needle is better suited for medical/surgical needling,
  2. Select the needle number according to the treatment area. For large area, choose a larger roller. For small area, choose a smaller roller or choose the dermastamp.
  3. Select the right needle length according the exact skin area and application. Please refer to the above image
  4. Check if you need additional functions such as LED Photon or Galvanic.

Dermaroller Comparison Chart

dermaroller comparison, dermaroller comprar

Please click to check the Dermaroller comparison chart

Where to buy a dermaroller?

You can purchase from your local dealer/retailer. Or you can shop on this website.
Click here to view all the derma rollers for sale online

Below is the purchase gate for each of the dermaroller from dermaroller comparison chart.

  1. MT 200 derma roller
  2. 192 ZGTS titanium dermaroller 1.0mm
  3. 200 DNS titanium dermaroller 1.0mm
  4. DNS 75 titanium dermaroller 0.5mm
  5. Galvanic photon with vibration derma roller
  6. photon dermaroller with vibration function
  7. DRS dermaroller 180 0.5mm for eye care
  8. DRS dermaroller 540 0.5mm
  9. DRS dermaroller 600
  10. 1200 DRS dermaroller for body
  11. 4 in 1 DRS Dermar oller kit
  12. Derma-stamp 32 needle

Dermaroller factory supply, derma roller instructions, dr roller ebay

As factory directly selling, we guarantee the best price in the market. There is no commission fee and no middle fee. We also provide wholesale, OEM and private label service for larger order quantities.

Dermaroller manufacturer, micro needle roller system

dermaroller assemble, titanium micro needle roller

MOQ: Minimum order quantity.

For our derma rollers, MOQ shall be over 5pcs. Because we are selling at very low price. Each transaction involves bank fee and shipping &handling cost. We cannot to afford to sell 1 pcs or 2 pcs of dermaroller at such price. Besides, derma roller is consumable products. It makes sense to store few more for future usage. If you buy more, you can get lower price and also save shipping cost.

dermaroller brand, dr roller amazon, dr roller amazon

Dermaroller Brand

The dermaroller brand includes dr. roller, environ cit roller, MTS dermaroller, DRS dermaroller, DNS, ZGTS , MT dermaroller and many other brands.
DRS, ZGTS and MT are Chinese brand and manufactured in China . Dr. roller is Korea brand and made in Korea. Environ CIT roller is a South Africa Brand. China brand rollers offer very competitive price. There are many other brands around the world which are also made in China. There isn't much quality difference among them. China is the world's largest exporter for all kinds of derma rollers.

Win a Free dermaroller

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4, After we confirm it, we will send a free dermaroller gift certificate, and you can use that purchase DNS 200 dermaroller free or charge.

We only provide 100pcs of free dermarollers. Please hurry up and take actions as soon as possible.
ONLY 0.5mm and 1.0mm DNS 200 dermaroller
available for free dermaroller, you can choose 0.5mm or 1.0mm as you want.Normally you should receive the product in 2 weeks.

How to use the derma roller?

Patients skin should be prepared preoperatively for at least 1 month with vitamin A and vitamin C cream twice a day to maximize dermal collagen formation.
Vitamin A, is a retinoic acid is an essential vitamin for skin. It expresses its influence on 400-1000 genes that control proliferation and differentiation of all major cells in epidermis and dermis. Vitamin A may control the release of TGFβ3 in preference to TGFβ1 and TGF β2 . Vitamin C is essential for production of normal collagen.
Percutaneous collagen induction and vitamin A switch on the fibroblast to produce collagen and therefore increases the need for vitamin C.

Microneedling operation

Microneedling operation

Please check skin needling instruction


Treated area is swollen and superficially bruised. To absorb the bleeding and serous discharge, it should be covered with cool, damp swabs that are replaced for 2 hours.

Topical antibiotic cream (mupirocin) is applied for few days to minimize the chance of bacterial infection. Avoid sun exposure & harsh chemicals or any cosmetic procedure over the face for at least for one week.

Dermaroller effect, dermaroller acne, dermaroller scars

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