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Distributors/Partners -


GBS is expanding quickly within the ever-evolving aesthetic equipment industry and is regularly seeking high achieving distributors.
At GBS, we pride ourselves on having high standards of excellence. We are a solid team of motivated, skilled, high achievers and, when seeking new business partners, we look for similar strengths. GBS’s partners trust the team’s experience, industry and market knowledge and reputation. 

We are willing to cooperate with distributors who has the the following characteristics:

  • Mutual-respect, mutual-trust and mutual-understanding.
    This is the basic business principle for any business cooperation.
  • Loyal and focused
    Being loyal is the key to build a healthy and long-term business relation. Distributor who is loyal to GBS products and brand is likely to make the most profits from this cooperation. Today’s competitive market requires professionalism. Without it, business activities cannot be conducted successfully.
  • Basic knowledge about this industry.
    This industry, especially the body and skin treatment segments, is rapidly growing and evolving. The technology is becoming more and more advanced. It will be very difficult to market GBS products if our distributors don’t fully understand the advantages of our systems.

GBS’s comprehensive research and understanding is how we are able to develop and offer treatment platforms that are effective, safe, painless, easy to use and cost-efficient. The value in cooperation with GBS far extends the use of high quality, advanced treatment technologies.

Our distributors benefit from extensive business support as followings:

  • Market protection
  • Price protection
  • Instant online technical support
  • Marketing materials including a full range of brochures, high definition product photos , Before & After photo kit
  • Free video and picture design service: picture editing , video editing service, brochure design service and more..
  • Expert advice for business strategy and marketing questions.

If you are a well-established business and are interested in joining GBS, please complete and submit the contact us form and we will be in touch to discuss potential opportunities. 



GBS have a loyal base of returning clients who come back to us time and again for all of their business needs. We highly value the relationship with them. That’s why we are launching this customer partnership program. The aim is to create a long-term relation and mutual-benefits for our most valuable clients.

Who is GBS partner?

· Existing GBS clients who is willing to assist GBS’s marketing activity in related regions

Which kind of assistance?

The assistance includes:
·  Being our reference for potential clients
· Introduce GBS products to potential clients.
· Assistance of product demo or phone conversation with potential clients.
· Assistance of technical support or repair service for other clients.
· Assistance of marketing including sharing treatment photos, feedback and reviews.
· Any of the above mentioned assistance that was performed by our existing clients is regarded as VIP clients and partners.

What’s the benefits of becoming GBS partners?

· Commissions :
There are three commission levels and each successful referral purchase earns you credit toward a higher level. Each promotion in level means more money for you!
* 5% on monthly sales up to $3,000
* 6% on monthly sales up to $5,000
* 7% on monthly sales of $20,000 or more

· Free gift.
· Free consumable parts
· Patients recommendation: Patients interested in the treatment of GBS product will be recommended to our partners in the nearest locations.
· VIP clients benefits including purchase discount, full marketing materials provided. Full training materials, Free academic books worth over value 500USD, business insights, marketing videos etc..
· Free Marketing support and consultant service including: website building consultant, advertisement advice , free picture editing service, free marketing video editing service, free brochure design service and more.

Please Note:
· Referrals are not transferrable and cannot be combined.
· Commission below $500 is paid with PayPal.
· Self-referrals are prohibited.
· Commission is set by product value excluding taxes and shipping cost.
· We reserve the right to remove any earned commissions from purchases that we deem to be fruadulent or suspicious.

Commission Payment

Payments are made NET 15 from the month in which commissions have been earned. For example, if you earn $100 within the month of October, we will send the payment out on Nov 15th.

If you are an existing GBS customer and are interested in joining this partnership program, please complete and submit the contact us form and we will be in touch to discuss potential opportunities.
Or if you have other business opportunities or potential cooperation ideas, please send us an email or fill the below form, we will contact you as soon as possible

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