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Aug 09 ,2022 Writen By: iBeautyMachine.com Leading aesthetic device factory

The Best Time to Get Fillers is Coming

We recommend the months between November and April are the best times.


At every age, what most of us wish for is to be able to put our best face forward. Dermal fillers allow us to achieve that by minimizing, and sometimes turning back the clock on the most common signs of aging. But many still wonder what the best time of the year is to have your filler treatment, is it an annual or one-off in a lifetime treatment? Is there a better time of the year than any other? Here we recommend the months between November and April are the best times because of the following reasons.


The first reason is less sun exposure during these colder months. As we know, the tilt of the earth produces lower sun levels in the sky that set quicker, less sun exposure means less harmful ultraviolet rays that can interfere with the healing process. What’s more, Sunscreen is often not recommended to use before and after treatment, in order to enable your skin to be less subjected to other chemicals which can hinder the healing process. 


Secondly, Recovery time is easier to deal with, especially when we all like to be tucked up indoors to keep warm. Just imagine, if someone does get the filler treatment during summer time, protecting the skin and staying out of the sun is suggested, that means staying indoors is the best way. Who wants to be stuck indoors in the summer, when the weather is bright? Thus, having your treatment in these colder months means you can enjoy your fully-healed results outdoors in the Summer. 


At Last, the new year is a time of rejuvenating and reassessing how to improve our looks. New year’s resolutions can mean a better you and having a fresh start with a smoother, wrinkle-free appearance to embrace the new year like you never thought possible!


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