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Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment Side-effects

With our home use cavitation slimming systems, many customers can do cavitation treatments by themselves at home, but many of them do not know the side effects of the ultrasonic cavitation because side-effects are rarely reported, when they encounter those problems, they think it may be the machine does not work in the right way or broken down.


Jun 26 ,2015 Pubslished In Beauty tips

How to use the conductive (negative) panel for monopolar RF treatment?

Some of our customer do not read the user manual and use the handle on their skin directly without touch the negatice panel after they get the device, this is very dangerous, sometimes, the machine will break off in only several minutes. Please read the following articles and make your Monopolar RF treatment more effective.


Jun 19 ,2015 Pubslished In Beauty tips

RF Skin Tightening Treatments

RF Skin Tightening Treatment Cautions 1. Before the treatment, both the therapist and client should remove the Metal jewelry such as finger rings, ear rings, necklace, etc. Do not touch any metal products during the treatment. 2. Before treatment on face, the client's hair should be wrapped; this can prevent the hair from touching the RF heads. Or you will smell burning.


May 06 ,2015 Pubslished In Beauty tips
Most advanced microneedling pen