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Beauty tips

Gel/Cream/Massage oil

Most of our beauty products should be used with gel/cream/oil, there are many customers who have difficulty in choosing the gel they should use, now let us clarify it.


Feb 08 ,2015

How to use Derma Roller at home

Derma Roller treatment is widely approved by the customer from all over the world, but some of them doesn’t know how to use the Derma Roller correctly. Without proper instructions, derma rolling can damage your skin and trigger an infection. Do the treatments as the following steps provide here, and you will transform your skin to a better condition. Please read the article carefully.


Mar 07 ,2015

Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment Side-effects

With our home use cavitation slimming systems, many customers can do cavitation treatments by themselves at home, but many of them do not know the side effects of the ultrasonic cavitation because side-effects are rarely reported, when they encounter those problems, they think it may be the machine does not work in the right way or broken down.


Jun 26 ,2015

How to use the conductive (negative) panel for monopolar RF treatment?

Some of our customer do not read the user manual and use the handle on their skin directly without touch the negatice panel after they get the device, this is very dangerous, sometimes, the machine will break off in only several minutes. Please read the following articles and make your Monopolar RF treatment more effective.


Jun 19 ,2015

RF Skin Tightening Treatments

RF Skin Tightening Treatment Cautions 1. Before the treatment, both the therapist and client should remove the Metal jewelry such as finger rings, ear rings, necklace, etc. Do not touch any metal products during the treatment. 2. Before treatment on face, the client's hair should be wrapped; this can prevent the hair from touching the RF heads. Or you will smell burning.


May 06 ,2015

Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatments

Attentions for cavitation treatments 1. Applied enough gel on targeted parts. 2. Do not stay unmoved on any part of your body, do not stay on bones. 3. The total treatment time for daily should be within 30 minutes. 4. Do not allow to be placed under the state of no-load to avoid the damage caused by high heat. 5. Cavitation head can be used on any part of the body, cannot use for facial. If the skin is sensitive or becomes unhealthy, the strength of the power should be adjusted down.


May 30 ,2015

Tiny Pinpoints of Light(two)

Nonablative fractional devices offer dermal heating, but leave the epidermis intact, making them a good choice for patients who want no downtime and those for whom ablative procedures may pose a risk.


Apr 18 ,2013

Tiny Pinpoints of Light(one)

The 1550nm Fraxel laser from Reliant Technologies (now Solta Medical, introduced the medical aesthetics industry to an entirely new category of devices. Featuring a fractionated delivery system that breaks laser beams into tiny dots that create thermal zones of injury surrounded by healthy tissue, the Fraxel—and the many devices it inspired—expanded the patient base for laser skin resurfacing. Patients no longer need to suffer through months of downtime, and doctors can safely treat a wider range of patients by choosing the correct device based on skin type, skin concerns and lifestyle.


Feb 04 ,2013

Noninvasive Fat Reduction

The idea that people can go to a doctor’s office, pay a fee, lie on a table and have fat removed from their bodies, without any type of surgical incision, once seemed the domain of science fiction novels and teenage dreams. But questions remain: Do these noninvasive body contouring devices really deliver on the promise of nonsurgical weight loss? And which patients are buying?


Mar 30 ,2013

Leveraging Social Media

The fact is: Social media has become a daily part of most Americans’ lives, and it offers a unique platform for practice marketing. Not only can businesses promote their offerings on these sites, they can engage patients and prospective patients in two-way conversations while gaining insight into their interests.


Mar 29 ,2013

Skimming the Surface

The gentle exfoliating powers of microdermabrasion make it a popular treatment tool for estheticians working with medical cosmetic customers.


Mar 23 ,2013