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Mar 22 ,2015 Writen By: iBeautyMachine.com Leading aesthetic device factory

Difference between Microcurrent face lift and Radio Frequency face lift

Brief Introduction

Microcurrent is a low-Level, alternating current that typically operates in the range 0-400 microamps. (Here we are talking about the BIO microcurrent instead of Galvanic microcurrent)

Radio frequency face lift devices utilize electrical energy to transfer heat energy to the dermis at relatively low temperatures. These devices typically are not intended to resurface the skin but rather to induce thermal damage to dermal collagen while sparing the epidermis.

Both microcurrent and RF facial treatments perform the same functions to a certain extent, such as loosening face, sagging neck skin, wrinkles, find lines, crow's feet, pores, roughness, etc. Both treatments work very well.

How to make a choice

If you are going to choose one for facial, here are some tips that can help you choose the right device according to your requirements.

Microcurrent Face Lift

  1. Suitable Group: 22 to 65 years old
  2. Outstanding Features: oil control, regular skin physiology, improve complexion

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Radio Frequency Face Lift

  1. Suitable Group: 26 to 70 years old
  2. Outstanding Features: reduce pores, reduce fat beneath epidermis, re-order collagen fibers

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1. Although both technologies are suitable for people from 22 to 65 years old, the young people mostly prefer to the RF treatment and more and more people like RF treatment.

2. For the group who is older than 45 years old, we recommend those people choose microcurrent treatment more so as to regular the skin physiology and improve the skin's antioxidant capacity.

3. When the elder groups do microcurrent treatment, it is also better for them to do RF treatment. This idea is not bad. But it is not suggested to use both RF and microcurrent in one session. You need to have an interval of at least 5 to 7 days between sessions.

4. During RF treatment, you will feel comfortable warm, the treatment is very soft, many people like this feeling, so they would like to choose the RF treatment. While during Microcurrrent treatment, you will feel ‘tingling’ on the skin, some person do not like this feeling, so they are prefer to choose RF treatment.

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May 21th, 2015

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