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Fake Dermapen and My-m device

Lately we have been approached by many inquiries asking us about dermapen and My-M microneedle system. According to the best of our knowledge, My-M is a Korea Brand. It is made in Korea and assembled in Korea. Dermapen is an US brand and made in USA. As you may have saw similar products as Dermapen or My-M on Ebay and Amazon sold by many vendors and retailers from China. Most of them has a very low price. If you have bought such products which were shipped from China, 99% percent of them are fake. Authentic My-M and Dermapen devices are very expensive. The distribution price for original Korea My-M needle device is more than 400USD/unit in China without shipping cost.
Those fake demapen or MyM are assembled in China from unknown factories. So are the needle tips. As China has so many factories, this case is very common. There are many factories assembling fake My-M system. The whole package, manual and accessories are 99% same as authentic My-M microneedle device. But the motor quality, materials and needle sterilization condition are really different. So the products pictures and specifications the retailers displayed are also fake. Do you trust a fake product? It's better to think twice before committed to such transaction.
Is it really worthy to buy a fake product?
Is it really safe to use those products on your skin?
Example of fake My-M sold on Ebay by top-rated sellers.

Example of fake Dermapen sold on Amazon by third party.

Our motorized microneedle system is manufactured by GBS International Holding Ltd and distributed worldwide online only on "". Please be noted we don't sell on ebay or Amazon.
If you are also interested in My-M microneedle system, below is the difference between original Korea My-M and our device:

Difference between Motorized 12 needle and fake My-M device 

P.S. We also found there is fake Clarisonic sonic brush Mia 2 sold on Amazon. You can visit here to learn more.

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