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Diamond Dermabrassion device at home

PLLA Dermal Filler For Body | Injectable Poly-l-lactic Acid Dermal Filler | PLLA Injection Body Filler | Gana Fill-X | similar to Sculptra Filler

This product is made from a mixture of PLLA powder FDA approved materials.
The augmentation will continue until the 8th week and will last for 2 years after the procedure.
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  • PLLA containing ingredients proven safe. 
  • Easy accessibility of products based on the non-incision. 
  • Quick dissolution and rapid treatment are available. (10 minutes) 
  • Improved instant wrinkle and voluminous. 
  • Strengthening the long-term sustainability of the collagen production. 
  • Systematic and reliable Anti-aging systems. 
  • Economical treatment costs.


What is the biodegradable material?

The term biodegradable is used to describe materials that decompose through the actions of bacteria, fungi, and other living organisms -simply put it has the ability to break down or decompose back into the natural environment without causing harm Examples of well known biodegradable materials used in medical industries are PLLA, PLGA, PGA, PDO and PCL

What is PLLA?

Poly(L-lactide) is a biodegradable material with good bio-absorbability and bio-compatibility. After degradation in the body, PLLA products are excreted by metabolism and thus has no harmful side effects to the human body. It is for these reasons that PLLA products are currently widely used in the field of medicine, such as for one-time infusion equipment, medical-surgical suture, drug delivery carriers, tissue engineering scaffolds, bone anchors, injectable microcapsules, microspheres, implants, elastomer materials for organ support, etc. The augmentation will continue until the 8th week and will last for 2 years after the procedure.

This product is made from a mixture of PLLA powder FDA approved materials. It is more innovative and creative than all existing products. It induces the formation of collagen which in turn has the effect of increasing volume of the part where the surgical procedure was done. PLLA face filler

This product uses the same main ingredients as Sculptra.

Why GANA Fill is better than other PLLA Fillers?


Treatment Guide

Treatment Areas

Breasts, buttocks, male and female reproductive organs.

How to Use?

  1. Reconstitute with 30ml of sterile water (distilled water only. Do not use a saline solution or water) at least 1 hour before injection. 
  2. Use blunt needle larger than 19G
  3. For subcutaneous injection. For better performance inject deeper. 
  4. Use fan technique and avoid injecting too much in one area. 
  5. Do not use for forehead, lips, nose or areas near the eyes. 
  6. Use for face, breast and hip volume augmentation and acne scar recovery. 
  7.  Effects can be seen 4 weeks after treatment up until 8 weeks after treatment. Volume augmentation lasts for 2 years. 
  8. Vigorous massaging is necessary around the area of treatment for 30 minutes every day for the first week 
  9. Two or three sessions are needed
   First Session  Second Session Depth of Injection Injection Technique
 Breast  Dose 10 vials  Two months later half dose of first Session The Pectoralis Major muscles between the ribs or Retromammary Fat  Fan technique using
Penis Dose 1-2vials Two months later half dose of first Session superficial injection  Fan technique using Puncture site-root of shaft
 Vagina Dose 1-2vials  Two months later half dose of first Session Submucosa injection  Inject at the inlet of vagina use cannula. Be careful not to penetrate the rectum and urethra
Buttock augmentation  Dose 5-10 vials  Two months later 5-10VIALS gluteus maximus muscle Fan technique using cannula


  1. Do not treatment prohibited area. (lip, nose, forehead)
  2. Use distilled water only. (Do not use a saline solution or water.) 
  3. Don't inject at one spot too much, inject widely and deeply to avoid granuloma formation 
  4. Patients have to get a second treatment. (Check progress)


  • Keep out of the reach of Childhood hand
  • Store at room temperature (1℃~30℃)
  • Protect from light
  • Do not freeze
  • Do not throw it in the fire after use

Why choose PLLA?

1. Quicker Dissolution & Procedure You can reconstitute water and shake well for 10minutes, or as an alternative, with the vortex mixer, dissolution time will be under 60 seconds that makes you have maximum 30min. of procedure.

2. Cheaper & Larger Quantity 1 vial of Face PLLA filler contains larger quantity enough for one injection in certain procedure site on your face. For a procedure on your body, It will provide even more quantity.

3. Keep the Finest Contouring It offers both immediate & post-effect with improvement on your desired area. Well-dissolved PLLA will stimulate the creation of collagen effectively and it will last over 2years.

4. Longer Volume & Less Lost By the better ratio of PLLA, it will produce natural collagen, familiar with your body and becoming a part of your body. It will keep creating collagen up to 6 months as its best condition lasting for next 2years.

5. Safer & Approved Ingredient A non-surgical solution, this dermal filler based on PLLA, a biodegradable material with good bio-absorbability and bio-compatibility, will make degradation and be excreted by metabolism, No Harm, No Pain.



Product Details
Main Components Poly-l-lactic Acid

1560mg (PLLA 630mg)

CMC(sodium carboxymethyl cellulose) 


 Packing 1vial / Box
 Use Needle 19G Cannula
Package Size(cm) No



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Product Questions

Total 5 question(s)

Is it 35 cc distilled water per 1560mg of product?

Question submitted by: kristina on: 2023-08-19 00:36:26

Yes, that's the recommended volume, you can also adjust it by your experience.

Answer submitted by: Sales on: 2023-08-21 14:00:54


Can I inject with Hyaluron Pen?


Question submitted by: kristina llanes on: 2023-05-10 05:21:09

We don't recommend that. A syringe with micro-cannula needle would be the best option

Answer submitted by: Sales on: 2023-05-10 15:27:26

Will one vial be enough for a body treatment? Buttocks specifically?

Question submitted by: Shianne B on: 2022-09-19 08:30:03

Each vial contains 1560mg (PLLA 630mg)
CMC(sodium carboxymethyl cellulose)
As for if it's enough for a treatment, it's up to you.

Answer submitted by: Sales on: 2022-09-19 12:09:26

I ha e used Sculptra. How is GANA concentrated?

Question submitted by: Tracie Crago on: 2021-04-22 07:37:18

Hi Tracie,
Thanks for your question.
For this Gana X for body filler, please check below:
Components: Poly-l-lactic acid
Contents : 1560mg (PLLA 630mg)
Use Needle: 19G Cannula
Treatment Range: Breasts, buttocks, male and female reproductive organs.
How to use: Pour 35~45cc of distilled water and mix well.

Answer submitted by: on: 2021-04-23 13:30:05

Does it come with diluent, sirynge and needles

Question submitted by: sueli on: 2021-04-22 03:14:02

Dear Sueli,
Thanks for your question.
No, it only comes with PLLA dermal filler powder.

Answer submitted by: on: 2021-04-23 13:26:53

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3 Item(s)

Definitely yes
Gana Fill- X
*I absolutely love this PLLA filler. It dissolves quicky and easy to use it doesn't clog the needles and I will purchase more!
  • Quickly dissolves, easy to use

Definitely yes
*..a very large amount to use up in the recommended time. A smaller size (like half of it) would be very nice, at least for my personal requirements.
The product is easy to mix with injectable water and highly compatible with all treated areas. I use it for face, decollete, abdomen and thighs, each with a blunt needle 22G (preparation with a 21G sharp needle)
But: The recommended amount of injectable water is 15ml - that is absolutely not enough for the big vial - even with a 22G needle, i have to use at least 40ml! Otherwise it just won't go through the needle but block it at once. The package insert should be updated regarding the amount of water an the recommended needle.

Definitely yes
Less expensive and superior to sculptra
*This product exceeds the ability of all other fillers in my opinion. Read the description. The science behind this is strong and this is the best plla out there.
  • Excellent composition
  • Time to wait for results


3 Item(s)

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