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Diamond Dermabrassion device at home

Diamond 17 | Personal Diamond Dermabrasion | Blue Light | HandHeld Diamond Skin Peeling | PMD Personal Microderm

Diamond dermabrasion is a noninvasive form of exfoliation and mild skin resurfacing that removes the dead skin cells from the Stratum Corneum, the outer most layer of the skin.

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Double filtration device

Double Filtration Device

easy to clean, prevent the obstruction into the interior of the machine effectively.

Adjustable working speed and time

Adjustable Working Speed and Time

For different part treatment

Working time ranges from 1min to 30min

Working speed can be adjusted from 1 to 3 level

blue light

With Blue light for Acne and calming skin

Blue light penetrating about 0.5mm has the function of calming and against skin rashes; this makes the device can even be suitable for sensitive, oily and with skin rashes. It can adjust skin sebum secretion; effectively get rid of acne and whelk to reach the aim of beautification. light weight

Small, lightweight, easy to carry

Machine is only 160g; it is very convenient for home use and portable.

Suitable for different kinds of skins

Suitable for Different Kinds of Skins

Also sensitive skin. No stabbing pain, no need to anesthetize.physical micro-dermabrasion

Physical Micro-dermabrasion

Easily controlled, no side effect, safety

Non-invasive treatment, no pain, no downtime

Diamond dermabrasion is a noninvasive form of exfoliation and mild skin resurfacing that removes the dead skin cells from the Stratum Corneum, the outer most layer of the skin. The Stratum Corneum is the layer of the skin affected by fine lines, wrinkles, tone, texture and blemishes. The concentrated microdermabrasion treatment exfoliates this skin layer to break apart these common imperfections. This then triggers the body’s healing mechanisms, causing the removed dead skin cells to be rapidly replaced with healthy, new ones.

Diamond Dermabrasion Principle    
Diamond Dermabrasion makes use of a patented diamond dermabrasion tube, combined with inlaid diamond particles of different thickness of the diamond carved heads, and rub back and forth by the way, and with instruments to control the intensity of suction vacuum suction, the skin worn a shallow layer is a non-invasive shallow dermabrasion physical nature.

Diamond Dermabrasion working principle   Diamond Dermabrasion Suction process
This kind of purely physical, mechanical principles compared to acid peels and chemicals removed from the way horny; do not irritate the skin with a mild advantage. It is suitable for very sensitive skin. By the suction size and thickness of the miniature diamond dermabrasion to control shades. Its less of irritating and after the operation would not have bothered to take care of the wound. It is not easy to have a pigmentation or redness of skin problems and do not have a crystal particle when operating scattered residual problem, the whole process is very clean and safe.
Diamond Dermabrasion can be used to improve the skin's pigmentation disorder, shallow pock youth, age spots, rough skin after sun exposure and aging facial lines. It can also promote skin renewal, skin showing  smooth to the touch immediately after surgery ......After diamond dermabrasion treatment, you can do the ultrasonic import or use whitening preparations with ice compress, then the result will be better .Your beautiful wishes will come true!
In addition to diamond dermabrasion, this instrument also equipped with a dedicated black suction head, super suction can be effectively sucked out pimples, blackheads and excess skin oils keep the skin clean and fresh.

Video Introduction


The Benefits

1. Smooth away dull and rough skin texture
2. Softens the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes.
3. Improves the skin’s tone by fading the appearance of brown spots, and skin blemishes.
4. Dermabrasion, which combines the power of a vacuum suction with exfoliation, reduces the formation of blemishes.
5. The vacuum can clear out clogged pores and release trapped dirt and oil. This leaves skin more clear, vibrant, and beautiful.
6. Acne Removal, promote skin cell regeneration, fade acne, skin update and improve the pocks.

Treatment Range
Diamond Dermabrasion role in the dermis, making skin activation, repair and regeneration
Microcirculation (nutrition, waste exchange places)

Promote metabolism

  1. Improve the oxygen supply of nutrients
  2. The aging of the material after the rapid removal of metabolic export
  3. Lymphatic circulation (passive drainage system)
  4. The circulation smooth
  5. Remove excess moisture and old waste
  6. Increased nutrient supply function
  7. Subsidiary glands (sebaceous glands, hair follicles)
  8. Make clear three blocked ductal flow
  9. Normal secretion of sebum nourish the skin

For acne, acne skin treatment

  1. Deep clear pores around the accumulation of sebum and prevents clogged pores and strengthens skin to remove dead cells and pock
  2. Stimulate metabolism and promote fat and bacteria toxins and dead cells exclusion, increase the speed of cell regeneration therapy pit;
  3. Increased cell permeability and cellular uptake, so that the active ingredients into the skin inhibiting the growth of bacteria appease fine system skin wound healing;
  4. Promote skin cell regeneration, fade acne, skin update and improve the pocks.

Treatment for the dry skin

  1. Remove the aging keratin, Avoid skin cells excessive accumulation, keeps the skin smooth and delicate;
  2. Promote blood and Lymph circulation; let the water and oxygen easy for absorption, increase the brightness and luster
  3. Moisture and repair effect: Increase cell permeability, the beauty products is easy for absorb, improve the skin moisturizing
  4. Improve the epidermal basal cell regeneration, accelerate skin renew, let the skin tissue become normal, let the skin water transport capacity allowed to reach equilibrium.

Treatment for the sagging skin and wrinkle

  1. Accelerated remove the skin surface dust pollutants radicals which easy to hurt the cell. Enhance the cell's natural defense. Avoid the collagen fibers denaturing
  2. Promote blood and Lymph circulation, Metabolism, let the dermis have enough Nutritional supplements, the wrinkle will remove
  3. Increase the skin permeability, the beauty products can penetrate deeper, promote the cell's natural defense renew, heal, the wrinkle
  4. Promote collagen fibroblasts produce the collagen fibers, Increase the skin defense. Avoid the radicals hurt the skin, keep the skin compact and flexible

Treatment for the stain and dull skin

  1. Remove the aging keratin, Avoid skin cells excessive accumulation, keep the skin Smooth and delicate;
  2. Promote blood and Lymph circulation, Metabolism, increase the skin Oxygenated, and let the skin rosy
  3. Increase cell permeability, the beauty products easy to absorption, improves the skin moisturizing, the skin turn brightness and luster;
  4. Improve the epidermal basal cell regeneration, accelerate skin renew, let the skin uniform whitening.

Treatment for skin hyperpigmentation

  1. An acceleration of melanin and remove residual cells  in the skin easily  lead to environmental pollution and damage lipid peroxidation embryos  cream and other substances can be added in epidermal keratinocytes rapidly melanin  spots
  2. Improve skin microcirculation, promoting melanin metabolism, strengthen the deep whitening, restore melanin, Pale spot, effect is obvious
  3. Increase skin permeability, allowing the cells to absorb deep whitening products, effectively inhibit the formation of melanin, and prevent pigmentation on the face
  4. To promote the regeneration of epidermal basal cells and increase skin immunity, strengthening against ultraviolet radiation, keep the skin white end bright

Result(Before and After)

Treatment effect

  1. Pit 5-10 times the effect of 80% -100 %
  2. Large pores 1-2 times the effect of 90%
  3. Closed acne 2 times the effect of 100%
  4. Seborrheic dermatitis 3-5 times the effect of 100%
  5. Rough skin 1-2 times the effect of 100%
  6. The effect of fiber lumps 2-3 times 100%
  7. nasolabial folds wrinkles on one's forehead as appropriate effect of 80%-100 %
  8. Age spots as the case raised the effect of 80% -100%
  9. The effect of small wrinkles rosacea as appropriate effect of 80% -100 %
  10. Firming lift 1-10 times the effect of 80% -100 %
  11. Pock scars 3-5 times and the effect of 90%

Before and After

Diamond peeling device

Diamond Dermabrssion machine

skin peeling

Diamond microdermabrasion machines

PMD Personal Microderm Tool Kit


1. Is it Safe?
A: The Dermabrasion is perfectly safe and non-toxic if ingested. They don't cause adverse skin reactions and are not carcinogenic. The Diamonds placed on each treatment should not come off in a form that will cause any irritation and or risk.

2. Is dermabrasion Suitable for Me?
A: If the goal is to reduce the appearance of superficial blemishes, blotchy skin, brown spots, fine wrinkles or uneven skin tone and texture, you are a perfect candidate for microdermabrasion. All skin types and colors can be treated with dermabrasion. But before you try it, pay careful attention to your medical history or any skin issues that you have because there are conditions which may make microdermabrasion unsuitable for you, including any conditions that create ultra-sensitive skin. If you are being treated by a Doctor or have serious skin issues consult your Doctor before trying.
Always consult your doctor. However, we have found that microdermabrasion is not recommended who have keratosis, people with undiagnosed lesions, active rosacea or acne, weeping acne, diabetes, auto-immune disorders, fragile capillaries, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis or lupus. Recent laser surgery or acne treatments may also be sound reasons for your doctor not to recommend microdermabrasion. Discuss your medical history with your doctor if unsure.

3. Will I Experience Any Discomfort During Treatment?
A: If you experience pain during the treatment stop use and move to a less intense part. Do not use any peel products or retinol products 48 hours before or after using the device. Your skin will be too sensitive. Do not use if you are on Accu*tane. Don’t use if you are seeing a Doctor for skin issues, or have very sensitive skin, or are taking prescriptions for your skin without your Doctors consent.

4. How Do I prepare for dermabrasion?
A: One of the advantages of microdermabrasion is minimum pre-treatment needed. Make sure your skin is clean of all makeup, oils and dirt. It must be dry as well.

5. Can Makeup Be Applied After Treatments?
A: Dermabrasion treatments do not penetrate the top epithelial layer of the skin and remove only dead skin cells. It does not expose the underlying or the 'live' part of the skin. As a result, dermabrasion does not create an open wound and no real healing is needed. Therefore, you can apply cosmetics shortly after a treatment. Your make up will glide on after each treatment.

6. When do dermabrasion Results Become Visible?
A: That depends on your skin. Many patients reported changes after the first treatment. Your skin will look cleaner and healthier after a few microdermabrasion treatments, but more significant changes (like reducing the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes) should become visible after five or more treatments.

7. How Long Will Each treatment Last?
A: Depending on what kind of pressure you apply and for what period of time will determine how long the treatment will last. For a typical treatment of approximately ten minutes, each treatment should last three to four treatments.

8. Are There Maintenance Treatments After dermabrasion?
A: After a complete series of dermabrasion treatments, you may want to keep your skin looking smooth and youthful by maintaining treatments once a month.



Vacuum 30-50cmHg
Dermabrasion Tips 3 different degree of thickness of diamond tips and 3 different size vacuum treatment tips
Photon Blue Light 415nm (±10nm)
Display LCD Screen
Voltage AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
Power 15W
Materials ABS plastic
Package Size(cm) 26*20*12
Gross Weight 1.5Kg



1, Air Express (DHL/FedEx/UPS)
Delivery time:  5-7 business days
Delivery country: over 100 countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, Chile, Ecuador, Japan, EU, etc…  
Importation duty: The buyer covers importation duty depending on the destination's customs regulations. 
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Delivery time: about 45 days depending on the actual situation.
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Delivery country: currently we only deliver to the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, New Zealand. EU, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, China, Malaysia and Vietnam.
Importation duty: covers importation duty.
Excludes: special items such as gas or liquid.
Remote regions may cause extra for delivery to the door.
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Warehouse working time: 9:00 am~ 6:pm (Monday to Friday; GMT+8). 

Due to the complex of international shipment, there are common occasions where the lead time is substantially extended due to customs and local post office handling. The case of delay is particularly high during periods of public holidays, festive seasons, and adverse weather conditions. Please understand that we do try our best to dispatch orders as soon as they are received, and we thank you for remaining patient while your order is being delivered.


We accept payment by Credit Card, T/T(Wire Transfer), Western Union, and MoneyGram. 
Please note:  We DO NOT accept Credit Card payments for product value of a single unit over 1,500 USD.
If you are not happy with the order and the product, you can ask for a refund after receiving the package. Our customer support will assist you with it.
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Product Questions

Total 8 question(s)

What are the tip sizes that I need to buy, if i want extras or for replacements in the future?

Question submitted by: JONATHAN ROJAS on: 2018-07-10 11:37:24

You can buy replacements at below link:

Answer submitted by: Sales on: 2018-07-12 19:45:48

How can I buy the filter (the white round fabric that goes in the Diamond tip)? Also the diamond tip D150 & D180?


Question submitted by: Cindy King on: 2017-11-27 10:00:52

You can order the spare part of diamond 17 via the following link:

Answer submitted by: Customer Support on: 2017-11-27 12:44:08

How do you install or put the machine together when you first get it?

Question submitted by: Tammy on: 2017-06-13 03:01:34

You can install it according to the video that we provide, we will also provide detailed user manual. Please rest assured, all of our customer can use it after read the user manual.

Answer submitted by: Customer Support on: 2017-06-13 12:27:02

Good Day!
Can I clean the diamond head and suction black head with soap and water. Thanks!

Question submitted by: Mariane Bascuguin on: 2017-05-04 13:38:48

For the diamond head and vacuum, you can clean it with alcohol cotton after usage , then dry it.

Answer submitted by: Customer Support on: 2017-05-04 16:31:43

I have a 17 diamond peeling, but since I buy it I do not suck. I would like to know why this happens, or if the equipment is damaged

Question submitted by: andrea orellana on: 2017-04-22 12:43:01

we can not find your order record according to the email you provide. Please provide your order number, or email to

Answer submitted by: Customer Support on: 2017-04-25 16:29:26

How often do I need to replace the diamond heads? How many uses do the diamond heads have before I need to replace them?

Question submitted by: Megan M on: 2017-02-26 06:36:10

The diamond tips can be used for around 50 times depending on your usage. You should change them when the diamond tip became ineffective

Answer submitted by: Neal on: 2017-02-28 12:35:58

Hey there cool cats,i hope you having a good time over there i bought the diamond 17, its great i love it but can you guys teach me how to clean the diamond heads? can i use a brush like a toothbrush or should i just clean them with some alcohol? thank you guys

Question submitted by: Jack on: 2017-01-09 00:52:58

You can clean the diamond tips with the soft brush and sterilize it with the alcohol, then dry it and put it in the box.
Best regards,

Answer submitted by: Susan on: 2017-01-10 12:39:54

hi bought the diamond 17 hand held microderm machine and I cant tell the different diamond heads apart? is there a way that I can? thanks

Question submitted by: erin on: 2016-10-18 22:01:36

Hello Erin,
There are marks on the diamond tips, D150, D180, D200.
D150 diamond tip can be used for delicate and sensitive parts of the skin (around the eyes)
D180 Diamond tip can be used for face and neck.
D200 Diamond tip can be used for rough skin and wrinkle parts (such as the body, elbow, and knee).
Best regards,

Answer submitted by: Susan on: 2016-10-19 12:17:29

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Definitely yes
Great suction
*I just got it last week, tried on to couple of clients already and they love it! Great suction and the skin looks really clear and glow afterward!
  • The suction and the blue light
  • If the adaptor cable can be slightly longer, that would be better

good for the price
*want to remove the black heads on my nose, this looked the same as another I've seen online selling for $130, so I figured I would try it. Came in a nice case, works great so far. Great service.

expect the result
*This is my first time ordering a microdermabrasion system. The instructions weren't that clear, but the video in the page does help me a lot to install the device. Now I've only used it 3 times and hope to see the result soon.

Definitely yes
absolutely love this little device
*Order this device with ibeautypen. I absolutely LOVE it!! Before the microneedling treatment, i will use this device for skin cleansing, very effective.

Definitely yes
Amazing product
*I found this device on What I found is an ODM product with brand. Then I search online and find this one, I am pretty sure it's the same one. It's much cheaper than buy from other place.
By the way, here is the video I watched, I think it may help others.
Definitely yes
i should order this sooner
*Received it very quick. only been using this for three times but I can already see a difference and I'm much happier using it than using the PMD system that I had before. This one doesn't need expensive replacement tips like the PMD. Well the diamond tips may eventually need to be replaced but that won't be for at least a year. It is easy to use after i watch the video in the page and read the user manual. Great little device, worth every penny.

*Looks like the picture, pack well, receive it faster than i thought, so it is a good surprise.

*the black heads in my nose has been removed after 8 treatment, this issue has bothered me for more than 10 years, so happy, hope the result will keep a long time. there is no other spare foams except one bag.

*Great Product and very responsible seller. 100% recommended. thanks

*Receive it in 10 days, very quick. Works well. No issues as of yet. It is not a hundreds of dollar machine. But for what it is its made well.

*Great product for getting your pores clean and makes your face feel fresh! Product is very easy to use.

*love this product very much, I recommend it

*I bought one , and have saw the result, then my sister also buy one . as good as mine. awesome.

*Great Product and very responsible seller. 100% recommended.

*Awesome seller. Item is good. My favorite store.

*Noticed a difference from the first use, love this device, will recommend to friends.

*this is the 2nd purchase. like it again

*Love, love it !! Very useful, and you will see the result as for the first time you use it, your skin will become very soft , and looks healthy !

*good machine as described

*I used this once a week for a month and now my dark spot are gone. Now i use it once a month my face is glowing and its so smooth. I recommend this to everyone.. It's worth the price..


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