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Refer a Friend -

Refer a friend to win free points or commissions.  
Now, there is an easy way to earn money with us. 
IBEAUTYMACHINE.COM encourage our customers to refer a friend based on mutual benefits. A certain amount of points or cash will be credited to your account at each time a new buyer made the first purchase.
Sounds great, but how to proceed?
If you are satisfied with our products and service, you can encourage your friends, relatives or colleagues to shop on IBEAUTYMACHINE.COM by putting IBEAUTYMACHINE.COM advertising links on your social sites (blog, forum, or private website). When customers come to IBEAUTYMACHINE.COM from your link and make any purchase within 30 days, a certain amount of iBeauty points or cash will be rewarded to you, according to the amount of the order. The more customers you recommend to IBEAUTYMACHINE.COM, the more you will get. Every deal you bring in will add towards the upgrade of your Affiliate level.
Rewarded with iBeauty points or Commissions 
There are three affiliate levels and each referral purchase earns you credit toward a higher level. Each promotion in level means more money for you!
* 5% on monthly sales up to $1,000
* 6% on monthly sales up to $5,000
* 7% on monthly sales of $5,000 or more
You can decice to accept iBeauy points or cash reward. The exchange rate is: 1USD=10point
How to use referral points
IBEAUTYMACHINE.COM Referral Points can be used for shopping products on our website. Each product listed has the “Price in Points” value. Price in point means how many points you have to trade for the product.  
Exchange rate: 1point=0.1USD. 
For example, if you place an order for $100, you need to trade 1000points to purchase the product. You can decide how many points you want to apply, the product price minus the value of your points is the final price you need to pay.
Please Note:
• Referrals are not transferrable and cannot be combined. 
• Commission under $10 can only be taken as IBEAUTYMACHINE.COM Store Credit.
• Commission over $10 is paid with PayPal.
• Cash reward take 3-5 business days to process.
• Self-referrals are prohibited. Violating accounts will be deleted and points voided.
• Commission is set by product value excluding taxes and shipping cost.
• We reserve the right to remove any earned commissions from purchases that we deem to be fruadulent or suspicious.
Affiliate payments are made NET 15 from the month in which commissions have been earned. For example, if you earn $100 within the month of October, we will send the payment out on Nov 15th.
If you have other business opportunities or potential cooperation ideas, please send us an email, we will contact you as soon as we finish audit. Many thanks.
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