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Derma pen

iBeautyPen | Professional Automated Micro-needling Device | Powerful German Motor | Anti-back-flow design | High Hygiene and safety standard | Derma Pen

Shipping Notice For the iBeautypen, it is out of stock for the moment because of the high demand and busy production line, but we have arranged the production, also Chinese Lunar New Year is coming, the production line will be on holidays since Juanuary 31th, So the production will be...

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iBeauty Pen Needle Tips II | Anti-black-flow design | No contamination | High quality needle | High hygiene| derma pen needle cartridge

Features Superior Needle cartridge with  anti-black-flow design: preventing contamination Perfectly spaced  12 needle  pins: offers more evenly distributed microchannels 33 gauge needle, creating tiny microchannels with less pain and trauma. S urgical grade...

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iBeautypen Spare Parts | Battery Kit | Power Adapter | Adjustable Speed Head

This link is only for iBeautypen Spare Parts (battery kit, power adapter, adjustable speed head). Please choose the part that you want before place the order. If you have place the order, please leave message to us, indicate which part you want . If you want two or more spare...

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