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Mar 20 ,2013 Writen By: Leading aesthetic device factory

Be Careful when shopping beauty machines

Be Careful when shopping beauty machines

Recently we got many inquiries from buyers who already bought beauty machines from other sources. Most were asking for our traing service or user instruction manuals. Please be aware we only sell on our shopping website only. We cannot provide training service or user manuals for buyers bought similar products from other places, because those products are different from ours in terms of operation, quality and parametersl. We are sorry about this.

Most of the buyers purchased similar products as ours from Ebay retailers. Please be aware we don't sell our machines on Ebay or other ecommerce platform. Ebay has many counterfeit beauty machines. Those products cannot guarantee reliable quality and the result is also very subtle. Please think carefully before making the purchase. The retailers on ebay are mostly unprofessional and untrained. Most of them don’t even provide a readable English manual for buyers. It’s a risk doing business with them. So please don’t just focus on the price. Beauty devices are highly sensitive products which requires certain training and knowledge before operation. Otherwise, it will be harmful for a certain group of people. Again, we only offer our best service for our clients only. Thanks for your attention.

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